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19 Best Night Creams for Combination Skin Reviews: Review Guide

by  Doris Harris -  Last Updated On 27th December 2020
Night Creams for Combination Skin

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Do you have an oily T-zone and dry cheeks?

If so, you might be wondering what kind of moisturizer you should use at night.

Which are the best night creams for combination skin?

Let’s talk about what works.

Quick Comparison

If you don’t have time to read the complete article, here are our top picks.

Top Night Creams for Combination Skin In 2021

Now, let’s discover night creams suitable for combination skin.

1. CeraVe Facial Moisturizing Lotion PM

CeraVe’s PM lotion checks all the boxes when it comes to combination skin.

It’s non-greasy and lightweight to avoid clogging pores. Yet, it’s effective at hydrating dry skin.

It has niacinamide to repair damaged skin and improve its appearance. Then, there’s hyaluronic acid to attract and retain plenty of moisture. It also includes glycolic acid to give your skin that extra glow.

Like other products from CeraVe, this one contains essential ceramides. They restore the skin’s natural barrier against dehydration and infection. This is also suitable for mature skin.

Lastly, a patented technology keeps the ingredients working in your favor for 24 hours after you apply the lotion. It also helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Did I mention that the mild formula is oil-free and fragrance-free? It doesn’t have parabens, either. We feel this is the best night cream out there.

2. Clinique Smart Night Custom-Repair Moisturizer

Clinique’s nighttime moisturizer is specially made for mature combination skin. Its goal is to help you wake up with a refreshed, youthful complexion.

It’s oil-free and non-acnegenic. It’s also been tested by ophthalmologists to not sting the eyes.

The formula takes advantage of the repair your skin does while you sleep. It contains the enzyme Micrococcus Luteus Extract to enhance healing. It also helps minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

It also has hyaluronic acid to attract moisture. Hyaluronic acid is an excellent moisturizer as it can hold up to 1000 times its own weight in water.

Moreover, it’s free of artificial fragrances, phthalates, and parabens. We feel these are the finest night creams available out there.

3. Optimals HydraRadiance Night Cream

Oriflame’s nourishing night cream uses nutrients from natural sources to revitalize the skin.

It features red seaweed and aqua minerals to restore moisture. Then, there are chestnut algae that are rich in minerals that promote healing.

The moisturizer also fights damage caused by free radicals. The free radicals damage the structure of the skin, causing it to age prematurely.

4. Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel-Cream

Here’s a gel moisturizer that refreshes and never feels greasy. It’s based on hyaluronic acid and glycerin.

It contains no oil, dyes, or fragrance that could irritate sensitive skin. It also helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and is perfect for oily-skin.

Furthermore, it isn’t just a night cream. You can wear it during the day underneath makeup as well.

5. Mary Kay TimeWise 3D Age Minimize Night Cream

Mary Kay has a patent-pending technology called Age Minimize 3-D Complex. It blends niacinamide, resveratrol, and an anti-aging peptide.

It promises to give you a radiant, well-rested complexion in the morning. This is also suitable for mature skin.

It also has Japanese apricot extract for additional support and rebuilding collagen. More collagen means fewer wrinkles and fine lines.

This overnight cream is safe for sensitive skin and does not contain artificial fragrances or oil.

If you are looking to purchase an organic overnight cream you can go for the Blueberry Soy Night Recovery Cream.

6. Garnier SkinActive Moisture Rescue Face Moisturizer

Rejuvenate your face with fruit water and antioxidants. This moisturizer provides 24-hour hydration to leave your skin supple and soft, never greasy. The antioxidants make sure to increase cell turnover.

It has a gel-like texture that soothes dehydrated skin. It also keeps the oily T-zone satisfied so that it doesn’t go into overdrive.

It isn’t fragrance-free, but it is water-based and non-comedogenic.

If you’re on the lookout for the best drugstore night cream, you really should give this one a try. It comes in a green container. But there’s another version in the pink jar for sensitive skin.

7. Clarins Multi-Active Night Youth Recovery Cream

Clarins uses organic California poppy extract in this anti-aging moisturizer.

This ultra-hydrating night treatment cream is ideal if you need a night cream in your forties or fifties. It leaves the skin refreshed even if you had interrupted sleep.

There’s also teasel extract to smooth fine lines.

What’s more, it has an anti-pollution complex to counteract damage from the environment.

8. Simple Water Boost Skin Quench, Sleeping Cream

Not everyone appreciates rich creams. That’s where Simple’s Water Boost moisturizer comes in handy.

It’s like a cool drink of water for your skin.

The lightweight texture absorbs in seconds. It leaves the skin dewy fresh in the morning.

The key ingredients include mineral and plant extracts, never harsh chemicals.

9. Garnier SkinActive 3-in-1 Face Moisturizer with Rose Water

Garnier based this moisturizer on 96% naturally-derived ingredients. What does that mean?

They explain that any processed components keep at least 50% or more of their original structure.

I checked the label to see what those ingredients might be. They include shea butter, beeswax, and rose water.

Rose is calming to irritated skin, while shea butter is a lightweight natural conditioner.

Happily, there are no parabens, artificial colors, or silicone. It is also suitable night cream for acne-prone skin as well as dry skin.

However, if you are looking for a night cream with antioxidants, you can go for the Lotus Youth Preserve Dream Night Cream.

10. Burt’s Bees Night Cream

This night cream from Burt’s Bees carries the National Eczema Association’s Seal of Acceptance. It’s mild enough for very sensitive skin.

Why am I including night creams for sensitive skin? It’s because combination skin tends to be reactive. If you eliminate irritants from your skincare products, your complexion will behave better.

The formula is based on aloe, green tea, evening primrose, cotton, and rice extracts, glycerin, and sunflower seed oil. It doesn’t have petrolatum, phthalates, parabens, or perfume. It also minimized the appearance of lines and the appearance of dark spots.

It also includes ingredients like alpha hydroxy acids (glycolic acid), ceramides, and hyaluronic acid.

11. [Klairs] Rich Moist Soothing Cream

Which is the best night cream for combination skin in summer? I’d bet on this one from Klairs.

This ultra-rich cream was created as an all-year moisturizer to meet the challenges of each season. It’s cooling and refreshing in the summer, yet rich enough to restore to protect the skin in wintertime.

It calms redness and restores balance, leaving all parts of the face feeling natural and normal.

If you are looking for a night cream for sensitive skin, you can go for the Cerave skin renewing night cream, which is perfect to hydrate skin and also gives you a smooth skin texture.

What’s more, it’s vegan and free of parabens, dyes, and fragrances. It comes in a tube to keep the contents free from contamination.

12. RAYA Azulen Cream

LA manufacturer RAYA developed this night cream with azulene. I admit that I was unfamiliar with this uncommon ingredient.

Azulene is a derivative of chamomile. In combination with aloe, it repairs the skin. It also gives the cream its natural blue color.

Other natural ingredients like vitamins A and Vitamin C refine pores and smooth texture. Meanwhile, hyaluronic acid provides moisture while dimethicone locks in the hydration.

If you are looking to reduce dark spots you can go for the IT Cosmetics Confidence in Your Beauty Sleep Night Cream.

13. Vichy Aqualia Thermal Night Spa Cream

Give your face a vacation. Immerse it in soothing volcanic water as if you were at the spa.

Vichy’s rich night cream will leave your skin supple and smooth like velvet.

It feels refreshing like a gel.

Plus, it’s so potent that the effects last for 24 hours after you apply it. It is also suitable for dry skin and acne-prone skin.

Part of the magic comes from hyaluronic acid to draw in moisture. But it also has Aquabioryl to protect against dehydration. Although it forms a protective film, it doesn’t make the skin feel greasy or tacky.

The formula has no parabens, and it’s been tested against common allergens.

14. Caudalie Resveratrol Lift Night Infusion Firming Moisturizing Cream

Do you wish your pores weren’t so noticeable?

Then try this night cream that tightens and firms the skin. It erases fine lines and discoloration.

Furthermore, it leaves the skin soft and comfortable. We feel these are the best night creams for every skin type.

The active ingredients include resveratrol and ceramides. There are no parabens, mineral oil, or animal ingredients.

15. Cetaphil Redness Relieving Night Moisturizer

If you have rosacea-prone skin, take a look at Cetaphil’s redness-relieving night cream.

This night moisturizer contains three potent ingredients that reduce irritation and discoloration. These include licorice extract, caffeine, and allantoin. It also includes ingredients that stimulate collagen production.

At the same time, ceramides and niacinamide restore the skin’s natural protection.

If you are looking for a night cream for oily skin, you can also go for Retinol youth renewal night cream.

This lightweight moisturizer is fragrance-free, and it absorbs quickly.

If you are looking to reduce dark spots you can go for the IT Cosmetics Confidence in Your Beauty Sleep Night Cream.

16. Neutrogena Healthy Skin Anti-Wrinkle Retinol Night Cream

Retinol is a proven anti-aging powerhouse and to even skin tone. Within weeks, it performs a makeover on your complexion by smoothing wrinkles and erasing fine lines.

Retinol is so effective because it helps stimulate collagen production and also strengthens the skin barrier.

It can also fade hyperpigmentation and reduce acne.

If you want to wake up looking ten years younger, you need to give this night cream a chance.

Retinol is a form of vitamin A. This single nutrient increases cellular turnover to regenerate firmer skin tone.

The formula also has pro-vitamin B5 Vitamin C and vitamin E to aid in the skin’s renewal.

Neutrogena‘s formula is fragrance-free, yet includes parabens.

If you are looking to reduce signs of aging you go for the Rapid wrinkle repair cream.

17. Eucerin Q10 Anti-Wrinkle Face Cream

Not everyone can tolerate retinol for wrinkles. Instead, try Eucerin’s Q10 night cream.

It reduces wrinkles by rebuilding collagen and restoring moisture. It contains antioxidants to neutralize damage caused by sun exposure and pollution and also strengthens the skin barrier.

The antioxidants make sure to increase cell turnover.

The cream is designed for sensitive skin types as it’s free of alcohol, fragrance, and non-comedogenic.

18. La Roche-Posay Toleriane Ultra Night Cream

As I mentioned earlier, you can’t go wrong with products for sensitive complexions when you have combination skin.

It may take time for your face to adjust to a new product, but some night creams will bring relief immediately.

The Toleriane moisturizer is a miracle worker from the first night you use it.

This beauty sleep night cream immediately refreshes dehydrated skin with thermal spring water. Then, squalane and glycerin keep the moisture available while other nutrients boost repairs.

The ultra-lightweight texture sinks in quickly and won’t trigger acne. It’s free of drying alcohol, artificial color, parabens, and perfume.

If you are looking to purchase an organic cream you can go for the Blueberry Soy Night Recovery Cream.

19. Cleure Hypoallergenic Anti-Aging Night Cream

Cleure’s night cream is cruelty-free and made in the USA. It’s verified as safe for sensitive skin types by The American Contact Dermatitis Society and SKINSafe.

With that said, you might want to know if it actually works well enough to try.

Repeat buyers say that it leaves their skin firmer and younger-looking. We feel this is a perfect night cream for sensitive skin.

That’s not surprising as this beauty sleep night cream is based on purified water, glycerin, and natural butter. The latter is rich in antioxidants and essential skin conditioners.

How to recognize combination skin?

Combination skin is exactly what it sounds like: complicated.

If you’re not sure if that’s what you’re dealing with, there is a simple test. Wash your face with a gentle cleanser, then wait 15 minutes without applying moisturizer.

If you can see that your forehead, nose, and chin have become oily while your cheeks feel either normal or dry, you have combination skin.

You might notice that your pores are larger than normal across your nose. This creates a problem with blackheads.

To make matters worse, in an effort to reduce shine, you might dehydrate the cheeks and make them visibly flaky and rough.

It’s challenging to find one-night cream that takes care of both problems.

How to moisturize Combination Skin?

Fortunately, being consistent in the way you care for your complexion can help control both the oiliness and dryness of combination skin.

You don’t need two separate products.

All you require is a lightweight moisturizer with plenty of humectants and non-greasy emollients.

For example, choose night creams with hyaluronic acid and glycerin to attract moisture. Then, avoid oily creams in favor of those with silicone to seal in hydration.

Use a gentle face wash morning and night. Then apply moisturizer within a couple of minutes after rinsing.

Within a couple of weeks, you should enjoy a more balanced complexion.

How To Keep Combination Skin Happy?

How can you maintain healthy combination skin?

Again, be consistent.

Switching frequently between products may have an adverse effect of aggravating the symptoms. Decide ahead of time if you’re more interested in an anti-aging night cream, something for acne-prone skin, or a general-purpose moisturizer.

Then, use that same product for at least two weeks straight before you consider switching.

Also, hot water, sun exposure, harsh exfoliants, and very dry air may worsen the situation. Take it easy on your face, and it will reward you.

Anything that affects hormone levels – like menopause, pregnancy, or puberty – can affect combination skin, too. In that case, stick to products designed for sensitive skin types to avoid as many issues as possible.

If you have very oily skin in the T-zone, try applying a toner like a witch hazel in that area only.

Finally, night cream with niacinamide (vitamin B3) is excellent for helping dry skin as well as regulating sebum.


You can find the right balance to care for your combination skin.

Besides a gentle cleanser, you need a moisturizer that satisfies all the requirements. We feel these are the best cream to boost your skin overnight.

Make the best of the hours that you sleep by using a night cream for combination skin.

It will restore moisture without increasing oiliness.

If these reviews help you find your current favorite face cream, please come back and tell us about it.


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