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8 Best Korean Night Creams: Reviews & Buying Guide

by  Doris Harris -  Last Updated On 30th December 2020

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Those who seem like they have perfect skin will usually attribute it to a good skin care routine. The good news is, you can achieve a good skin care routine for yourself too. A good skin care routine goes further than just washing your face in the morning and will actually extend to a nightly regime.

In recent years, Korean skin care has become increasingly popular, thanks to the much coveted Korean glass skin trend. If you’re looking for the best Korean night cream to complete your routine, check out these top creams that are worth trying.

8 Best Korean Night Creams (2021 Update)

1. Natural Cica Cream

Made to heal and soothe, there’s a reason why this Natural Cica Cream is one of the best skincare options out there. Use it to moisturize and firm up your skin to correct fine lines and wrinkles no matter what skin type you have.

Since this moisturizer is so gentle, and since it uses completely safe ingredients, you can even use it on sensitive and irritated skin. This Natural Cica Cream stands out as the best option for your skin because of how flexible it is.

You’re able to use it regardless of your skin type, and if you’re dealing with some skin issues too. It can also help to rebuild the barrier of your skin, which makes it perfect for filling in wrinkles with a rich and creamy texture.


  • The texture is very light and the fragrance is very mild
  • Because of the moisture, it’s easy to wear it overnight
  • It doesn’t feel sticky, and you can feel the change


  • You might not like the slight scent

2. L’ATURAJEU Cactus Moisturizer Cream for Face

One of the best products to use for your face is aloe vera—which is exactly what is in this Cactus Moisturizer Cream. This makes it perfect for hydrating and moisturizing your skin, whether you have normal or dry skin.

It includes shea butter and hyaluronic acid too, both of which are meant to hydrate your skin while balancing the water and oil content of your skin overall. Wear this cream all day, which has a rich moisture content to keep your skin moisturized for 24 hours while being absorbed quickly into your skin.

Use this moisturizer to brighten and rejuvenate your skin as you go about your day.


  • Perfect for fixing perpetually dry skin
  • It doesn’t feel heavy or greasy
  • The feeling is nice and thick when applied


  • The scent can be a bit strong

3. SKIN & LAB #1 Newest Korean Skin Care All In One Best Anti Aging Vitamin C Night Cream

If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind cream, look no further than this anti-aging cream made with Damascus rose stem cells. You should be able to feel the difference in your skin when you apply it either in the morning or the night.

Use it for brightening your skin, making wrinkles disappear, and add some moisturize too.
No matter what type of skin you have, you can use this anti-aging cream. That’s because it works gently on skin that is aging, but also on skin that has been damaged.

Even if you’re dealing with discoloration, you can use this cream to keep your skin looking good and protected throughout the day.


  • You can already see your skin tone even out after a week
  • Perfect even for extremely sensitive skin
  • It’s made of gel, but it’s not heavy


  • Consistency feels a little sticky


Use this Neogen cream to keep your skin healthy using green tea and vitamin C—use it both during the day and at night too if you want to keep your skin looking great and feeling great for years to come

Made to absorb quickly into your skin, this Neogen cream is perfect for moisturizing and brightening your skin for the entire day. Since it’s so intensive and yet free of any artificial parabens and fragrances, it’s great for any skincare routine and any type of skin.


  • Overall good smell and smooth texture
  • Hydrating and yet not sticky in feeling
  • Absorbs well into your skin


  • Can cause an allergic reaction in some skin types

5. OGANA CELL High Concentration Peptide Recovery Cream

If you want to keep your skin looking great for years to come, you should consider using this Ogana Cell High Concentration Peptide Recovery Cream.

As the name suggests, this cream is great for helping your skin recover from damage, so it’s best to use it if your skin is losing its elasticity or getting more wrinkles over time. Thanks to the peptide, dull and rough skin will be smoothed out.

This cream is great if you have skin damage, but will also work well for those of you dealing with sensitive skin. That’s because it’s made to be gentle to help your skin recover. Maintain the coloring, moisture, and oil levels of your skin with this recovery cream.


  • Great even if you’re dealing with a lot of acne or acne scars
  • Wonderful oil control ability for oily skin
  • It doesn’t feel oily or wet


  • Can cause breakouts for certain skin types

6. Sulwhasoo

Made from concentrated ginseng, this whipped, lightweight Sulwhasoo cream is made to quickly absorb into your skin to fight those early signs of sagging skin and uneven texture. The best part though is that it doesn’t feel heavy on your face, whether you have normal, dry, combination, or oily skin.

This cream is special not only because it’s lightweight, but also because it uses compound-K. This is an antioxidant-rich compound that is extracted from Korean red ginseng and which is made specifically to minimize the appearance of lines on your face while protecting your skin from aging too.


  • Applies very smoothly to the skin
  • Feels light and smooth instead of thick
  • Perfect for colder and drier weather


  • It is a little heavier than comparable “light” creams

7. Saturday Skin

If you’re looking for a cream that is made to hydrate your skin, look no further than this Saturday Skin cream. Made with a lot of water, this cream is meant to hydrate your skin and provide it with a bright and supple appearance.

It can be used on all types of skin, and will help resolve issues with your pores, dryness, and uneven texture. Smooth this gel cream over your skin, and if you live in a dry area, don’t worry about your skin drying out either.

That’s because this cream also works to shield your skin from dehydration while continuously supporting your skin too. You can even use it to calm and reduce visible redness while you’re using it.


  • Works very well as a primer as well
  • The thicker gel texture may feel more robust
  • It’s both colorless and scentless


  • The tacky feeling doesn’t always feel comfortable on your face

8. ETUDE HOUSE Moistfull Collagen Cream

Pick up this Etude House Moistfull Collagen Cream to keep your skin hydrated, plump, and feeling good for the entire day. That’s because this moisturizer is made from small super collagen water particles, which have been tested to give you 120 hours of the water effect after you apply your cream.

This cream is special because of how long it lasts. Even the gloss on your skin should last a whole 12 hours, and you should see a marked improvement in your skin’s hydration after five days. Especially if you have acne-prone skin, you might like this cream.


  • It does come with a spatula to help you apply it
  • The price point is great considering how well it works
  • It absorbs fairly quickly into the skin


  • Not very soothing for people with extra sensitive skin

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Korean Night Cream

When choosing a korean night cream, much like purchasing any product, there are many factors to keep in mind to ensure you find a product that meets all of your needs.

Your Skin Profile

Likely the most important factor to keep in mind when choosing a Korean night cream, or any cream at all is your personal skin profile.

Everybody‘s skin is different, your skin will be different from your friends’ skin profiles and may even be different from your parents’, which explains why sharing products often does not work.

Not taking into account your skin profile is likely the number one reason a skin cream will not work for you, so it really is crucial to know your personal skin type and requirements. The main skin profiles are dry, oily, sensitive and combination skin types.

Dry Skin

While moisturizer is in most cases meant to moisturize dry skin, do not assume that every moisturizer is well suited to dryer skin profiles. In general, cream and oil based night creams will be best suited to hydrate your dry skin.

Look for heavy, greasy textured night creams with natural oils and try to avoid artificial ingredients and scents that can often irritate dry skin and make it dryer.

Oily Skin

With oily skin, you are looking for essentially the exact opposite products to those with dry skin profiles, so avoid greasy and oily night creams.

Overall avoid night creams with high oil contents (you can even find oil-free night korean night creams) and instead opt for a lighter, gel-based night cream.

Combination Skin

As the name would indicate, combination skin refers to those who find themselves with either different sections of their face/body with different skin profiles or somewhere in between oily and dry skin.

For those with combination skin, you really have to be aware of your unique skin type. If you find you have very dry sections you may want to choose an oil-based night cream and apply it only to the dry sections of your skin, avoiding the oily sections.

On the other hand, for those with combination skin that is somewhere between oily and dry, you may want to choose a gel-based skin cream.

The gel-based night creams tend to be hydrating enough for dry skin (though if you suffer from very dry skin you may want to refer to the former advice) without adding more oil to the oily sections of your skin.

Sensitive Skin

If you have sensitive skin you can use both oil and gel based night creams (depending on which way your skin profile leans). However, the main factor to keep in mind is the ingredients.

For sensitive skin you will want to avoid harmful and most unnatural ingredients. Try to look out for aloe vera, shea butter, camomile and other natural ingredients since these are less likely to irritate your skin.


It is not just those with sensitive skin who should be looking carefully at the ingredients list. Everybody, no matter their age, skin profile, or allergies will likely react better to a korean night cream made with natural, active ingredients.

Look for non-chemical, natural ingredients, ones you would know the name of. Examples of good natural ingredients may include; aloe vera, shea butter, argan oil, honey, vitamin C, vitamin E, coffee extract, tea tree oil, ginseng, green tea, as well as any other whole natural ingredient that you would recognize the name of.

Chemicals and unrecognized ingredients are not necessarily all bad, but it is best to look up unknown ingredients on the ingredient lists of night creams to see what purpose the ingredient serves.

For example, parabens and SLS are often added to nights creams and other beauty products to kill off bacteria, however, the ingredient itself is not at all beneficial to your skin and it can actually cause irritation.

Your Skin Goals

To ensure you find a product that meets your needs, no matter what you are buying, it is important to keep your priorities and goals in mind.

What are you looking for a night cream to do for you? Are you trying to hydrate your dry skin or prevent wrinkles? Are you trying to keep your skin looking young or prevent pimples?

There truly are so many potential skin goals and to find a korean skin cream that works for you, you have to know what you want it to do for you.


While a korean night cream will not solve all of your skin problems, it can be an excellent addition to any nightly skin care routine. Korean night creams usually use a more natural ingredient list in comparison to westernized skin creams.

These natural ingredients come in a variety of combinations, made to specifically benefit different skin profiles and goals. Since there are hundreds of korean night creams on the market it can be difficult to find one that works for you.

However, as long as you keep your own specific skin profile, skincare goals and requirements in mind, you will be able to not only find a cream that will be a good addition to your nightly regime, but may also become your favourite skincare product.

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