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15 Best Drugstore Foundations & Concealers: Review Guide

by  Doris Harris -  Last Updated On 17th December 2020
Best Drugstore Foundation

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We are a firm believer in looking our best and feeling our best. Whether it’s our day-to-day look or a glamorous event, we can’t help but wish to greet the world with nothing-but-perfect skin. And oftentimes we rely on a skin-perfecting formula to keep our skin ageless and protected from outside forces that can damage it.

As rising beauty gurus, we keep our standards high in choosing no less than perfect skin products especially when it comes to primers and foundations. One of the essential items we don’t mind splurging on is a fancy foundation. But not everyone can sustain buying a foundation at a premium price for such a tiny bottle or container. So, we’ve compiled a list of the best drugstore foundations available on Amazon.

Quick Comparison

If you don’t have time to read the complete article, here are our top picks.

15 Best Drugstore Foundations & Concealers In 2021

1. Pacifica Beauty Alight Clean Warm Deep Foundation

Best All-Natural Drugstore Foundation

Go au natural with the Pacifica Beauty Alight Deep Foundation. Made with all-natural ingredients, the formula is well suited for sensitive and oily skin.

The formula is oil-free and free from silicone, parabens, phthalates, talc, BHA, BHT, petroleum, and drying alcohol. It’s surprising to find a natural foundation that costs less than your lunch.

Light and easy to apply, you’ll get a pore-free flawless coverage. Another foundation that is great is the Wet n Wild foundation. Do check it out.

2. Flower Pore Perfect Instant Blur Stick

Best Foundation Stick

Get an airbrushed finish to your day-to-day look with the Flower Pore Perfect Instant Blur Stick. With an easy swipe, this revolutionary stick erases your pores leaving your skin beautifully mattified.

This gentle drugstore foundation stick offers a weightless touch making it feel like a second skin. Transform your face and get your blemishes to vanish under this foundation stick. Also, please keep in mind to consult your makeup artist while choosing this light to medium coverage foundation.

3. L’Oréal True Match Luminous Makeup

Best Selection for Ethnic Colored Skin Tones

Redefine your look from a choice of 45 shades. L’oreal offers a wonderfully affordable foundation that is a medium coverage foundation over normal to dry skin. Since it is easily blendable, this foundation works well with different types of makeup without causing any irritation on your skin. You can also go for the L’oréal Paris infallible.

This medium coverage foundation fits well with most undertones. Designed to give yourself a naturally-radiant skin, it is formulated for all types of ethnicity. You can also use it for full coverage to erase all the blemishes and even out your skin tone. Also, please keep in mind to consult your makeup artist while choosing this medium coverage foundation.

You can also check out the total control drop foundation by NYX professional makeup, which is another great product that is suitable for dry skin. This medium to full buildable coverage is super blendable and your skin looks healthy and radiant, at the same time you can customize your coverage.

4. Neutrogena Skin Clearing Oil-Free Makeup

Best Drugstore Foundation for Acne-Prone Skin

Can’t seem to overcome the acne curse? All you need is the right drugstore foundation to tone down your acne scars and prevent more pimples from breaking out. Ideal for oily and acne-prone skin, this is a great choice for many who want a foundation that conceals their target areas very well. It is also suitable for oily skin.

If you are looking for a foundation for oily skin you can go for the Revlon Colorstay makeup or the Revlon photo ready candid foundation. Most of the makeup artists pref

Made with natural ingredients and formulated with acne medication, this is a great foundation that not just hides away your imperfections but also treats them with care. With a gentle formula designed to keep your acne at bay, you’re bound to have skin that looks fresh and flawless. Another foundation that is great is the Wet n Wild photo focus foundation. Do check it out.

5. Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation

Best Lightweight Drugstore Foundation

Topping our list for the best lightweight foundation, the Rimmel Stay Matte finish is best in regulating the sebum from our skin. Excessive oil production is a common problem for many and to combat excess sebum, many foundations develop a thick mattifying foundation. Also, please keep in mind to consult your makeup artist while choosing this foundation.

The Rimmel Stay Matte finish formula regulates the oil without leaving your skin feeling thick and chalky. Instead, get a naturally airbrushed feel without the stickiness and mucky feeling on your face with this lightweight foundation. It is also suitable for oily skin. Also, it works well on most skin types. It also includes salicylic acid to fight breakouts.

6. Burt’s Bees Goodness Glows Liquid Makeup

Best Foundation for Sensitive Skin

Known as a great brand for baby products, Burt’s Bees sure knows how to deal with sensitive skin. Formulated using gentle ingredients to not just keep your sensitive skin look ageless, it also keeps your skin feel tender and youthful all day long.

Available in 18 different shades, you’re bound to find a great foundation that suits the color of your skin very well. What’s great about this liquid foundation is that it maintains the youthfulness of your skin making it perfect for teens and even those in their 50s. Also, please keep in mind to consult your makeup artist while choosing this foundation. It is also suitable for oily skin.

Free from parabens and chemicals that can harm your skin, you’re guaranteed makeup made of 98.9% natural minerals. We feel these are the best drugstore foundations out there. Get full coverage with this highly pigmented foundation and restore your skin’s true glory and has a flawless finish.

You can also go for the Beauty Light illusion liquid foundation, which is a great product.

7. Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless Pressed Powder

Best for Poreless Look

Made to refine your skin, this is a great foundation to start. With large pores looking like flashing headlights, you’re going to love this mattifying powder foundation built to give you a smooth matte and poreless look. Also, please keep in mind to consult your makeup artist while choosing this foundation.

Though this is a mattifying powder foundation, it’s light and easy to spread over your skin. Its light feel reduces the dry and chalky feel when you put on additional layers of makeup. Give yourself a smooth matte boost with the Maybelline Fit Me Matte that’s not just good for large pores but also for skin with excess oil and lasts all day long.

8. E.L.F. Cosmetics Flawless Finish Foundation

Best for Dull and Tired Skin

Feel like a beautiful elven princess in a world of fantasy and let your skin feel radiant with the E.L.F Flawless Finish Foundation. Get full coverage foundation with this highly pigmented foundation and restore your skin’s true glory. With 26 hues to choose from, you know you’re getting the right amount of color and coverage with just a thin amount of foundation.

It easily blends with other brands of makeup. Plus, it is a great foundation for those who have dull skin. You’re granting yourself a nice dewy finish with this great foundation without that sticky feeling. It also comes with a 24-hour staying power, giving a natural finish.

9. Physicians Formula The Healthy Foundation

Best Foundation with Brightening Effect

Formulated like prescription medicine, you have everything you need to take care of your skin while giving it a boost! Made with a mix of skin-essential vitamins A, C, and E, this is a great foundation for stressed skin.

Created to restore and bring out your plump skin back to life, you’re left with a brightening effect that lasts even when you take your foundation off. Furthermore, you get a light to moderate protection from UV rays with the foundation’s SPF20 sun protection. Give your skin some love with the Physicians Formula Healthy Foundation. Get full coverage with this highly pigmented foundation and restore your skin’s true glory

10. Milani Conceal + Perfect 2-in-1 Foundation + Concealer

Best Foundation+Concealer For Day to Day Wear

You don’t have to go heavy on your makeup to look glamorous, all you need is the right base to bring out your inner beauty! With a single layer of this thin but pigmented foundation, you’re erasing all your worries away. From dark spots to uneven skin tone and acne scars, you have everything you need to give your face an airbrushed look.

This is a face-enhancing cream designed to lift the blemishes off and make your skin an ideal canvas for makeup. Since it’s designed to keep your skin flawless, it’s a waterproof oil-free foundation.

11. Honest Beauty Everything Cream Foundation

Best Moisturizing Powder Foundation

Packed with antioxidants and natural moisturizing ingredients, you’re going to love how this cream powder foundation can manage to control excess oil but also give you that youthful glow!

Let your skin glow like an angel with the Honesty Beauty Everything Cream Foundation. This creamy foundation easily blends with your skin giving you a natural shine and a gentle glimmer!

12. L.A. Girl Pro Matte Coverage Liquid Foundation

Best Long-Wearing Drugstore Foundation

Feel inspired and refreshed with this extremely light foundation that is perfect for day to day use! We know that we have zero time for continuous touch ups to keep our skin looking young and fresh all the time, so this is definitely a great pick.

This foundation comes with an illuminating glow that leaves your skin feel dewy and flawless! The L.A. Girl Pro Coverage Liquid Foundation always leaves you hydrated and naturally supple. Get a full coverage foundation with this highly pigmented foundation and restore your skin’s true glory. This is is much better than the l’oréal Paris infallible.

If you are exclusively looking for a liquid foundation you can go for the Covergirl Trublend foundation.

This is long-lasting and has a staying power of 24 hours.

13. Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hydrating Tint

Best Hydrating Formula

Formulated with hyaluronic acid, you have this great foundation with a light tint to give your skin a moderate coverage. This hydro-boosting weightless foundation helps your skin retain moisture and keeps it hydrated.

This is great for dry skin, with the hyaluronic acid, it restores your skin to its former glory and helps keep it that way. The water-gel formula not just hydrates your skin but also allows your skin to breathe preventing breakouts and clogging of your pores.

14. Iman Second To None Cream To Powder Foundation

Best Luxury Drugstore Foundation

This is the best foundation you can get to pamper your skin. Formulated with natural ingredients, namely: sugar cane, citrus extracts, jojoba, aloe, and Vitamins A & E, this foundation is a daily spa-treatment. This is long-lasting and has a staying power of 24 hours.

With natural ingredients to clean keep your skin looking radiant, they also protect your skin while nourishing it from within. This is a great formula that keeps your skin looking forever youthful and glowing. It is also formulated with hyaluronic acid.

15. Maybelline New York Instant Age Rewind Radiant Firming Makeup

Best Drugstore Foundation for Mature Skin

Don’t we always want to stay forever in our twenties? In the height of our generously moisturized skin, it’s hard to believe you can still pull off the same look with the right makeup. Turn back time with the Maybelline New York foundation Age Rewind to firm your skin.

Give yourself that blooming look with a foundation that eases the fine lines and erases your dark spots. Not only are you left with flawless skin, but you also get sun protection preventing the harmful rays of the sun from causing more damage to your maturing skin with this Maybelline New York foundation. Get full coverage with this highly pigmented foundation and restore your skin’s true glory.

Maybelline New York foundation is much better than the l’oréal Paris infallible. Also, please keep in mind to consult your makeup artist while choosing this foundation.

Drugstore Foundation vs High-End Foundation

Is there really a difference? Why is one cheap and the other so ridiculously overpriced? To be candid, yes! There is a difference! High-end foundations are made with ingredients that leave your skin looking more natural but lasts longer and doesn’t cause you to break out.

However, if you want to have the right formula, you don’t always have to break the bank to achieve it. Drugstore foundations can give you just as much coverage as high-end foundations.

What Should I Look For When Buying a Drugstore Foundation?

Mode of application

Whether it’s a stick, a setting powder, a gel, or a cream, these all depend on you. We don’t want to spend much of our time putting on makeup. But before making any purchases, you have to narrow down your list to how you apply your makeup. Do you use a sponge, a brush, or your fingers? Knowing which one is most suitable for your method of application helps you understand which types of foundation you should look for.

Skin Type and undertone

Like primers and concealers, foundations are among the first things you apply on your face. Since it is what blends with your skin, you need to know your skin type first.

  • If you have oily skin, you should go for oil-free solutions.
  • If you have dry skin, don’t opt for a matte finish.
  • If you have sensitive skin, choose ones with natural ingredients.
  • And if you have a combination type of skin, feel free to get two different foundations.

You should look for a foundation that targets your skin type and then look for a matching undertone with it.

Know your ingredients

We always recommend that you go natural. Foundations with natural ingredients don’t just offer coverage, they also provide skincare benefits. Also, there are different options if you want a shine-free foundation as well.

Type of Foundation

Liquid, Creamy, or Powder? Again this is a personal preference. But, in our opinion liquid foundations tend to last longer. However, if you’re looking for one that is ideal for your type of skin, you should know which ones would work best for your skin. There are also many shine-free foundations out there.

The Final Verdict

With 15 amazing drugstore foundations, we’ve narrowed our list down to our favorite three! Our favorite pick for amazing coverage would be the L’Oréal True Match Luminous Makeup, this is a great solution for all skin types and colors and though more affordable, L’oreal hasn’t let us down.

Our second pick would be the Iman Second to None Cream To Powder Foundation, covering your imperfections is not the only way to truly feel beautiful, it’s also about taking care of it. Finally, we recommend the Physicians Formula The Healthy Foundation for a great looking skin throughout!

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