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16 Best Drugstore Makeup Brushes: Review & Guide

by  Doris Harris -  Last Updated On 12th December 2020
Drugstore Makeup Brushes

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No makeup will ever come off as beautiful on your face if you don’t use the proper tools. And one of the most important tools a woman needs when applying her makeup is a makeup brush! But since getting a high-end makeup brush can really crush our wallets, here are great drugstore makeup brands to help you narrow your choices down to only the best.

But before we decide what the best drugstore makeup brushes are, you should know just how many makeup brushes there are.

Quick Comparison

If you don’t have time to read the complete article, here are our top picks.

16 Best Drugstore Makeup Brushes In 2021

Foundation Brush

Every makeup routine starts with a beautifully applied base, whether you’re starting off with a primer or a foundation, you need the right blush to apply it evenly to your face. A good brush for foundation should have straight but flexible bristles that will spread the foundation throughout your face and your target areas. Most brushes are large with a flat tip or a brush that spreads out to the tip for wider coverage.

1. Flat Top Kabuki Foundation Brush By Keshima

This super dense flat brush is perfect for applying your foundation and primer. Plus, it’s also a great brush for buffing and blending. This ultimate blending brush is made with premium synthetic fibers that feel like beautifully conditioned hair, this brush is the perfect foundation brush for everyone. We feel these are the best drugstore makeup brushes.

2. Wet ‘n Wild Flat Top Brush

Made with 100% cruelty-free materials, this dense foundation brush with a flat top is great for both powder and liquid foundation. The powder brush is designed with an ergonomic handle that fits the contours of your fingers perfectly well to make application easier and more even.

Stippling Brush

The stippling brush is another large makeup brush. It’s a little different from a foundation brush but they can also serve the same purpose. But what makes it different is its bristles which are gentler and softer with a lighter feathery feel. We feel these are the best drugstore makeup brushes.

3. Duo Fiber Stippling Brush By Keshima

We have another Keshima makeup brush on our list and this brush is an ideal stippling makeup brush. Created to give you an airbrushed look, the brush is made with soft quality synthetic fibers giving you a smooth and flawless finish. This brush is also a great applicator for foundation, concealers, blushes, and highlighters. We feel these are the best drugstore makeup brushes.

4. DUcare Kabuki Stippling Brush

This multipurpose brush is a great choice for many when applying make-up. This brush is great for multiple uses like buffing and even concealing. The brush is 100% cruelty-free made from a high-density synthetic fiber with an eco-friendly wooden handle. We feel these are the best drugstore makeup brushes.

With a stylish and elegant handle and brush, you’re going to love this brush for multi-purpose use.

Concealer brush

After applying your primer or foundation, you use a concealer to create the perfect canvas. Your face-perfecting concealer is nothing without the right brush. A concealer is smaller because it is used with precision to target your imperfections and a small brush is more ideal.

5. Real Techniques Expert Concealer Brush

Smaller brushes are great for keeping your skin looking fresh by carefully keeping all the blemishes away. This Real techniques brush is made with tight bristles designed to give you an expert finish in keeping those blemishes disappear. We feel these Real Techniques brush sets are the best drugstore makeup brushes. These are much better than the Sonia Kashuk concealers.

They are also a go-to brand if you are looking for a setting brush. brush set comes with a nicely sculpted handle to make it easier for you to apply your concealer.

6. Wet n Wild Small Concealer Brush

Wish to target those small imperfections without making your face look and feel too chalky? Get the Wet n Wild Small Concealers and make use of your concealer with precision and these are much better than the Real Techniques brush.

This small and firm brush allows you to keep those dark spots and fine lines under control. You can also use this brush in applying eyeshadow and even a more toned brush for contouring around your nose area.

This super soft high-quality brush set comes with a nicely sculpted handle to make it easier for you to apply your concealer and is one of the best brushes out there.

Sculpting/ Contouring Brush

Give yourself that sculpted look and accentuate the bright features of your face. This sculpting or contouring brush is about the size of a blush brush. However, the difference lies in the density of the brush. The contour brush is denser with angled bristles to make more precise applications.

7. Real Techniques Sculpting Brush

Accentuate your best features and make the most of your makeup! Bring out your best with this face-perfecting brush. What we love about this brush is that it is very light on the hands and easy to wave around. It promotes easy blending without damaging your delicate skin and wiping your makeup off. These are much better than the Sonia Kashuk concealers.

This ultimate blending brush glides easily on your skin making it a wonderful brush for bringing out your features from your cheekbones to your nose. This brush is made with smooth and gentle synthetic bristles that will make contouring an easy task.

8. E.L.F. Contouring Brush for Precision Application

Stand out with your natural beauty enhanced with the E.L.F. Contouring brush designed for precision. This professional-quality brush by E.L.F is ideal for perfectly sculpting your face. This brush by E.L.F creates a natural glide of your makeup making you achieve your desired look. Also, these brushes are densely packed.

With this E.L.F brush, you can achieve a natural blend and a fuller look without creating harsh lines. We feel this brush by E.L.F is the best drugstore makeup brush out there. These are much better than the Sonia Kashuk concealers.

Eyeshadow brush

One of the most loved brushes is a set of brushes for the eyes. To create a dramatic look or that perfect blend, you need a compact lid brush for your eyelids. They are lightweight but the brush is quite dense.

9. EcoTools Duo Eyeshadow Makeup Brush Set, Define Blend & Smudge

Treat your skin to a gentle brush that brings out the beauty in you. Made from natural eco-friendly materials, this 4-brush eyeshadow makeup brush kit is the best set in defining and bringing out the color of your eyes. It makes it easy for you to blend the different colors and shades over your eyelids with a smooth and gentle touch and this is a must-have in your makeup bag.

What’s great about this is that it’s made from 20% cotton and 80% bamboo fibers. The handle is made from recycled aluminum and plastic. These quality materials create a great quality brush that won’t hurt your skin no matter what. With natural materials, you know that these are free from phthalates and dangerous chemicals. But the EL.F brush sets are much better than this.

10. MSQ Eye Makeup Brushes 12pcs Rose Gold Eyeshadow Makeup Brushes Set

Getting a risk-free purchase is ideal for many because they get exactly what they want from these eye makeup brushes. This set is complete, giving you everything you need to add beautiful lines of eyeshadow over your eyes.

These handmade brushes are perfect for those looking for a great set of makeup brushes targeting your different needs from gentle application to a thick dramatic look over your eyes and these are cruelty-free. Also, these brushes are densely packed and this is a must-have in your makeup bag.

You’ll love that the bristles are soft and the wooden handles are ergonomically designed to fit into your fingers. Pleasant to the touch, this truly is a great selection for those looking for a complete eye makeup brush set. But the EL.F drugstore makeup brush sets are much better than this.

Eyeliner brush

Modern makeup is always defined by that cat-eye look. Creating a cat eye or that Cleopatra liner is one of the trendiest looks many women love to wear and you can achieve that with the best eyeliner brush you can find. This small dense brush creates that beautiful wing right by your eyes.

11. Vertex Eyeliner Brush (Fine Angled Winged)

Get everything you need to draw that perfect cat-eye or line and accentuate the beautiful shape of your eyes with the Vertex 4-piece eyeliner brush set. This set is made with hypoallergenic materials making it the perfect fit for those with sensitive skin. The brushes are latex-free and are excellent for your delicate eye area. We feel these are the best drugstore makeup brushes.

The fine-tipped bristles don’t easily break and neither do they easily wear out making this a great set that will stay with you for a long time and this is a must-have in your makeup bag.

12. Premium Quality 3 Piece Set by Lamora

This three-brush set has four tips designed to target your different eyeliner needs. This is perfect in creating that perfect bow above the eyes and a wonderful outline around your eyes without causing any form of irritation and these are cruelty-free.

The brushes are perfect for blending, lining, combing, and defining your brows and your lashes. Groom your eyes and bring out the lusciousness of your orbs with these 100% vegan-friendly bristles. These tough brushes don’t shed and since they’re made with high-end wooden handles, the brushes are definitely of premium quality.

13. Eyebrow Brushes (Spoolie)

Isn’t it hard to perfect those thick lashes that cast beautiful shadows over your eyes? Sometimes the best mascara doesn’t always come with the best pair of mascara brushes and these are cruelty-free.

Are you having a hard time taming your bushy brows? Shaped like a spoolie, it’s the perfect tool in getting your eyebrows neat and adding that wispy pizzazz. We feel these are the best drugstore makeup brushes.

14. Angled Eye Brow Brush and Spoolie Brush White

Give your eyes a treat with this double-tipped spoolie and brush. Designed to help you bring out the natural beauty of your eyes. The double-brush not just keeps your bushy brow neatly groomed but also is wonderful in creating a smooth outline perfecting the shape and outline of your brows.

15. Duo Eyebrow Brush by Keshima

Keshima is a sure favorite for many when it comes to quality makeup brushes, and this eyebrow brush is one of their masterpieces. With firm bristles not only are they durable, but they are also very firm making it a great brush for keeping your eyebrows neat and shaped to perfection and these are cruelty-free.

Makeup Brush Set

With 14 basic brushes you need on your makeup set, getting an all-in-one set is ideal especially if you often apply these layers of makeup on.

16. BS-MALL Makeup Brushes Premium Synthetic Foundation Powder Concealers Eye Shadows Makeup 14 Pcs Set

Rather than troubling yourself by buying individual brushes, why not opt for a complete set with these 14-piece makeup brushes.

This powder brush is fit for all your application needs from liquid foundation to fine lines around your eyes, these soft and silky brushes are soft to the touch but firm enough to fulfill your completely made up look and these are cruelty-free. This is the best powder brush available out there. These are much better than the Sonia Kashuk concealers.

17. BESTOPE Makeup Brushes 16 PCs

Made for thorough application with 5 kabuki brushes and precision with 11 smaller brushes, you won’t have to look anywhere else to complete your application needs. With this great set made with premium synthetic fibers, you have all your contouring, blending, and highlighting needs all in a single set.

Why Do You Need Separate Brushes for Different Types of Makeup Application?

Though our list isn’t that complete, there are at least 14 types of makeup brushes and all of them have different functions. We need separate makeup brushes for different types of makeup mainly for the following reasons:

We don’t want our makeup mixing up

You don’t want to use the same large brush for all purposes. Using the same brush for multiple things means that you’re mixing colors, chemicals, and makeup in one brush. This can cause chemical reactions that may not do well with your skin.

Different parts of our face need different brushes

Your eye zone is particularly sensitive because it has thin skin and muscle, you need smaller denser but soft bristles to make easier application quicker to reduce the amount of pressure you’re going to use around your eyes.

Some parts of your skin are oilier than the rest, and you may want to use a different brush to target your oily zones like your T-zone. No matter what you put on your face, you still want and need to apply the right amount of makeup and pressure. And you’d like to do it properly using the right brush.

Makeup applications are different for each kind

Your highlighter brush is made for the purpose of creating a lighter brighter look and a lighter thinner brush is ideal in making that work. If you use a denser brush for highlighting it may have the opposite effect and give you lighter portions of your skin in unappealing ways.

Some makeup needs a thin application like your blush, highlights, and bronzers. While some need a faster and more even application like your foundation. These different applications need different brushes to achieve the desired look.

Prevent cross-contamination

Did you know that the more brushes you use, the less likely you’re going to get skin irritation? When you use different brushes for different makeup, you’re not mixing them up together. This means that chemicals are mixed together lessening the potential irritation it might cause.

Furthermore, you’re preventing different makeup from contaminating each other and then your face. Some brushes are made for liquid makeup while some are only intended for dry makeup, liquid makeup is prone to breeding more germs than others, and using different brushes means that you can easily dispose of and replace one without having to replace everything on your set.

Final Verdict

Although it’s more cost-efficient to buy a complete set, they’re not always up to par. That’s why buying individual brushes provide quality in each purchase. We only choose two of the best brushes for each type of makeup brush, but we highly recommend individual brushes by Keshima and Wet n Wild mostly for their quality and affordability!

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