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The 16 Best Spray Tan Machines (Spray Tan at Home or Start a Spray Tan Business)

by  Doris Harris -  Last Updated On 30th December 2020
Best Spray Tan Machines

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Get the best spray tan machine, and it will change your life.

For one, you can save money by spray tanning at home.

Or two, you could earn money with a spray tan business.

Either way, there is no barrier to owning your own professional spray tan machine.

And there are spray tan machine bundles that include everything you need to begin.

Quick Comparison

If you don’t have time to read the complete article, here are our top picks.

16 Best Spray Tan Machines In 2021

1. St. Tropez Pro Light Spray Tan

St. Tropez’s compact beginner-friendly machine is designed for people who want to apply spray tan at home. It’s not as expensive as a pro spray machine, and it’s uncomplicated to use and maintain.

The only con is that it gets hot after finishing one person, which makes it not ideal for repeated applications back to back.

They make sure the system comes with the sprayer and a bottle of St. Tropez brand bronzing mist.

Pour 3 ounces (100ml) of the liquid into the cup and screw it in place. Then hold the tip about 6 inches from your skin and are long-lasting.

The gun nozzle adjusts for either a horizontal or vertical spray pattern. It has a removable spray head with a stainless steel needle and nozzle. You can also just walk up to a tanning salon or a tanning booth and get it done.

Full-body tan at once is not recommended, first, spray your face with downward strokes, and then complete the front side of your body first.

Don’t worry–the machine comes with detailed instructions in English that you can download before you purchase it.

2. Norvell Sunless Kit Z3000 Professional Mobile Machine System + Extras

Or if you want to invest in equipment that will give you a leg up on the competition, check out the Norvell Z3000 machine. It’s a professional model that’s compatible with different spray guns.

The package includes a tan solution and the Norvell University Professional Sunless Training Program. We feel this is the best professional spray tan machine out there which will give you a streak-free even-tan and also the best tanning results.

3. Belloccio Premium Spray Tanning System

If you just want the least expensive machine without any extras, consider this one. It’s a Turbo Tan System basic model. There is no flow control and only one speed and do not have variable speed settings. We feel this is the best professional spray tan machine out there.

It comes with a nine-foot air hose and a spray gun and gives you the best results.

4. Norvell Sunless Kit – M1000 Mobile HVLP  Turbine Spray Tan Airbrush Tanning Machine + 8 oz Spray Tanning Solutions + Norvell Training Program

If you’re considering starting your own mobile spray tanning business, take a close look at this next airbrush tan kit.

It features the best-selling machine from Norvell, the M1000. But that’s not all.

It comes with Norvell’s Sunless Training Program to teach you what you need to know as a professional spray tan technician. It goes beyond the proper technique for applying a spray tan into selecting colors and the science of sunless tanning or natural tanning.

Of course, the kit includes three of Norvell’s solutions. They are some of the best spray tan solutions for machines. You can learn more about them in the reviews I wrote. We feel this is the best spray tan machine out there. In addition, the company provides a video to get you started with airbrush tanning. There are also three extra cups.

The colors include Venetian for a Mediterranean tan, Dark for a rich bronze, and Cosmo (a blend of Dark and Venetian). Each one creates a beautiful bronze that lasts up to a week.

The M1000 machine has a shoulder strap, or you can leave it on the floor while you work as it has a 10-foot air hose.

This spray gun has an adjustable spray pattern that stays on target with very little overspray.

Make sure, once you’re done applying the mist, you can disconnect the tanning gun and use the hot air from the machine to blow-dry your skin. The flexible hose has a quick release for this purpose.

Also, the kit includes a spray gun quick repair kit and user manual.

Users say that this spray tan machine is exceptionally easy to use and clean up afterward.

5. Norvell Sunless M1000 Mobile Spray Tanning Machine

Should you wish to purchase just the tanning machine, here is the Norvell M1000. It comes with a 10-foot quick connect hose, the spray gun, the power cord, a quick repair kit, and an operational manual and is suitable for mobile use as well.

6. Black Fascination Spray Tan Machine, Black Tent, Norvell Tan Solution Sunless Kit

This spray tan kit has all the basics you need to do a spray immediately. It comes with the machine, a popup tent, and a tanning solution.

First, the Fascination machine is sleek and straightforward to use. It features vertical and horizontal spray patterns and flow adjustments. It’s powerful enough for professionals but priced low enough for home users.

Just like with the Norvell machine, you can disconnect the spray gun to dry your skin with warm air.

Second, the fabric tent has a clear top that lets in plenty of light while you work. It folds up to store in the accompanying carry bag.

Third, the Norvell kit includes an exfoliation mitt and liquid, Bronzing 4-Faces, Double Dark spray tan solution, and pH-Balancing Cleanser and tan extender.

If you are looking at equipment for your spray tanning business, this kit is a good place to start.

7. Ultra Pro T85-QC High-Performance Spray Tanning System; Belloccio Variety Pack, Tent, Accessories and Video Link

It’s hard to resist this bundle when you’re intent on doing spray tans. It includes a professional spray tan machine, a variety pack of spray tan solutions, a tent, and accessories like disposable underwear, nose plugs, hairnets, and feet protectors. These professional spray tan machines are easy to use.

The spray tan machine comes with a two-year warranty. In addition, the company provides a video to get you started with airbrush tanning. There are also three extra cups.

The bottles of the solution include 8%, 10%, and 12% DHA for fair, medium, and dark skin tones. There’s also the Opulence accelerated tanning solution that develops a full tan within four hours and these are perfect for tanning salons.

8. MaxiMist Evolution TNT Spray Tanning HVLP System with Black Popup Tan Tent

Here’s another bundle that includes a spray tan solution, a machine, and a tent.

The Evolution pro series has two air filters. Why does that even matter? Because it protects the motor from dust and gunk so that it lasts longer. This air spray gun technology provides the finest mist atomization for consistent coverage

It also features adjustable spray. But another benefit that stands out is that it comes with four spray heads and cups for gun storage. You can change between solutions in a flash without having to wash anything.

Another interesting feature is how quiet this machine is. It’s rated for 53 dB, about the same amount of noise as your refrigerator as it comes with quiet turbine technology.

Moreover, it’s built for 25 or more uses per day. We feel this is the best spray tan machine out there and it also comes with three tanning solutions and it also includes a sound dampening or noise reduction enclosure.

After all, those high points, does it even matter what kind of tan solution or tent arrives with the kit?

But if you’re curious, it’s Tampa Bay Tan spray solution that comes in the box. It’s vegan and free of parabens and gluten and it also comes with alternate tent colors.

Finally, the tent is roomy enough for adults and has a leak-proof floor. It comes with a carry bag.

9. MaxiMist Evolution TNT Spray Tanning System

Here’s another spray tan kit with the Evolution professional spray tan machine. It’s rated for 25 plus applications a day. View more details in the review above.

This machine is highly recommended for several reasons. One that stands out is how soft the spray is. It creates very little mess and doesn’t sting the skin. It doubles as a blow-dryer, but it comes with quiet turbine technology.

The box includes a spare parts kit and sprays tan solution from Tampa Bay Tan. We feel this is the best spray tan machine out there, that also comes with a spare parts kit. Keep in mind it might not be suitable for all skin types.

10. MaxiMist Lite Plus Sunless Spray Tanning Kit

If you want a home, mobile backup unit, check out this Maxi mist lite tanning kit. It’s also handy for use at home.

It has three Lite Plus cups, a tan solution, a pop-up tent, and a carrying bag, plus the MaxiMist Lite machine.

The machine comes with a 1-year warranty on its motor.

11. MaxiMist Lite Plus Spray Tanning System

Perhaps you’d like a little more detail about the MaxiMist Lite machine. It’s a rated backup unit for 10 plus applications a day.

It’s compact, especially since the HVLP gun stores on board. It weighs just 5 pounds.

Of course, you can adjust the spray pattern and detach the air hose to blow-dry the solution.

The solution package comes with three cups and Tampa Bay solution. We feel this is the best spray tan machine out there.

12. MaxiMist Allure Xena Sunless Spray Tanning System

The gorgeous copper accents on the Allure Xena machine make this a beautiful tool to use. It’s professional-grade, rated for 25 or more applications per day.

Although it weighs only three and a half pounds, it’s noticeably noisier than the MaxiMist Evolution machine. It’s rated for 72 dB.

On the bright side, this is the right spray tan gun that has a Teflon needle or non-stick needle to avoid clogs. There’s also a spray nozzle that is adjustable to alter the spray from a horizontal and vertical pattern. We feel this is one of the best spray tan machines out there.

This bundle includes a dual spray head, Tampa Bay Tan spray tanning solution, and a two-year warranty on the motor.

13. Aura Allure Spray Tan Machine Kit

The Aura Allure spray tanning machine lays down a fine mist of tanning solution due to its Satin Spray technology. You can control the flow with the dial.

As you can see in the picture, this is an attractive machine. These tanning machines have a retractable carrying and ergonomic handle and a dock for the spray tan gun.

Furthermore, the 11 and a half foot flexible hose of these spray guns give you freedom of movement. We feel this is one of the finest machines in the market today.

It comes in a bundle with Norvell Venetian solution, XLATAN spray, ONE Rapid Tan, and an extra-large spray tanning tent with a carrying bag and most of the spray tanning products come with a detailed instruction manual as well.

14. Fascination Spray Tanning Machine and Gun Kit with Norvell Bundle and Tent

How would you like to unpack the box and have everything you need immediately at hand? Then take a look at the Fascination kit here.

The Black Fascination machine has a fluid control knob and a gun with an adjustable spray pattern.

Next, there are bottles of Norvell spray tan solution and pH-balancing spray plus barrier cream.

What’s more, there are also 25 pairs of disposable foot protectors and a pop-up tent.

15. Oasis Spray Tan Machine Kit

Go one better with a tanning spray kit that includes a machine, solution, a tent, and stick-on feet.

Specifically, it has the Oasis machine which resembles a handheld blow dryer. Then, there’s an eight-ounce bottle of Norvell’s Venetian spray tan solution to give you a Mediterranean tan. Plus, you’ll get to try one of Norvell’s latest releases – the Ultra Vivid Cosmo solution.

It has a removable spray head with a stainless steel needle and nozzle.

But don’t forget to prep your skin with the XLATAN ph-balancing spray. Then enjoy a pair of disposable spa sandals while you spray inside the pop-up tent.

16.  Oasis Spray Tan Machine with Norvell Venetian Spray Tanning Solution

The high-end Oasis machine is a direct competitor to St. Tropez’s model. It’s very lightweight (only 2 pounds) and compact, which makes it ideal as a home spray tan. In fact, it may remind you of a blow dryer.

This salon-use machine has a removable spray head with a stainless steel needle and nozzle and it comes with a 300-watt single stage powerful turbine motor. This system is designed to deliver 47 cm of airflow.

Additionally, the package includes a bottle of the Norvell Venetian tanning solution. We feel this is the best spray tan machine out there. We feel this is the best professional spray tan machine out there and are high-quality and are long-lasting and keep in mind it might be different for different skin.

The Difference Between Spray Tanning and Self-tanning Products

I recently reviewed both the best spray tan solutions and best self-tanners.

Self-tan products like Fake Bake and St. Tropez are mousses, lotions, and wet wipes that work well enough if you want an occasional bronze and also it gives you a different tanning experience.

They are straightforward to apply with no additional equipment.

The cons are that you’re a bit limited as to how dark you can go, and sometimes the coverage is uneven.

Meanwhile, these tanning solutions are ideal if you want perfect coverage and a shade that matches your own skin tone.

The con is that you need the right equipment to apply them.

But you can use these reviews of the top spray tan machines to help you find what you need today.

Is Spray Tanning Safe to Do at Home?

Happily, it’s safe to spray tan at home. It’s much safer than tanning indoors or outside.

The chemical that browns your skin is DHA, and it’s FDA-approved for this purpose.

Just don’t inhale the mist and don’t get it into your eyes, mouth, or private area.

Spray technicians who provide several spray tans a day wear a protective mask or nose plugs as protection.

Also, spraying the mist can make a mess. That’s why most people get a popup tent and stand in it while applying the solution.

What Is a Spray Tan Machine?

A spray tan machine is an HVLP sprayer. Those letters stand for “high volume, low pressure.”

There are also LVLP sprayers, which stand for low-volume low-pressure.

These high-volume sprayers are similar to what contractors use to apply certain types of coatings like varnish that need a precision application.

It puts out a fine mist through a spray gun that’s easy to control.

Since many of the spray tan solutions have cosmetic bronzers, it’s simple to see where you’ve sprayed.


I hope you discovered the perfect spray tan machine for your needs today.

Sunless tanning is the safest way to look sun-kissed without the dangers of harmful UV radiation, because harmful UV rays can actually damage your skin and we feel it is the finest tanning process.

Whether you want to bronze yourself at home or start a business spray-tanning others, you have plenty of options to get you started.

Let me know in the comments below which spray tan machine you’re using and how it’s working for you.


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