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Nude Tanning: Ultimate Guide on Naked Tanning + Safety Tips

by  Doris Harris -  Last Updated On 5th April 2021

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Tanning nude can be controversial, but for regular tanning enthusiasts, it is widely accepted as an excellent way to achieve an even glow all over the body without unsightly tan lines. Nude sunbathing was actually regarded as a beneficial medicine to the body during the time of the ancient Greeks.

As long as you tan in moderation, there do seem to be many benefits to tanning in the nude, specifically related to your tan’s appearance, your comfort, and potential health benefits. In this guide, we’ll go through the benefits, things to take note of and how to make the most of nude tanning.

What Makes Nude Tanning Great?

Appearance Benefits

The most obvious benefit is the fact that you’d get absolutely no tan lines. It would seem no matter how meticulously you dress to avoid noticeable tan lines, you will almost always end up with lighter areas where your tanning outfit covered your skin.

This is especially obvious when someone tanned with one bathing suit, and then found themselves wearing a swimsuit of a different shape. Unless you were to wear the exact same swimsuit style every single day, your awkward tan lines will be obvious to all, an issue which wouldn’t exist with nude tanning.


Another reason tanning nude is so highly recommended is because tanning in the nude is just far more comfortable. Not only does not wearing clothes remove the awkward and uncomfortable pulling and tugging of elastic waistbands, it also prevents allergies associated with suntanning in some cases.

When you sit in the hot sun, or in a tanning bed, your clothing essentially creates a greenhouse effect, trapping the heat and promoting serious sweating. Since the cause of most suntanning allergies are related to the build up of trapped sweat, these allergies can be avoided by simply tanning nude.

Health Benefits

Tanning in appropriate amounts is not only healthy, but recommended by most doctors. This is because tanning will allow you to soak up an increased amount of vitamin D which helps to strengthen your bones, organs, skin and teeth.

Increased sunlight has also been associated with helping to prevent and treat a number of conditions and illnesses. However, there are some advantages to tanning nude that tanning with clothes on just does not offer.

Furthermore, tanning nude is also said to lower your blood pressure, prevent diabetes and help you lose weight. This is because any prolonged sun exposure will actually trigger your body’s nitric oxide production, a compound responsible for widening blood vessels. This, in turn, lowers blood pressure and helps facilitate the spread of insulin in the body.

It might surprise you that nude tanning can help enhance testosterone levels in men. In fact, studies have shown that testosterone production can increase by as much as 120% when you get the sun on your back.

Nude Tanning Disadvantages


Although there are many benefits to nude tanning, there are of course some disadvantages that need to be discussed as well. Firstly, the most obvious disadvantage to nude tanning is that you are of course, literally naked. For many people, especially those living in big cities, there can be a lack of outdoor options for nude tanning.

For those who have private backyards or nearby private land, nude tanning may seem like more of a reasonable option. But for the most part, nowhere is truly private and most of us are not comfortable with being naked in front of strangers, or our neighbors for that matter.

This leaves tanning salons. Although these salons often have private tanning beds for those wishing to tan naked, there usually is no true privacy either since salon employees are nearby and many people feel uncomfortable with even the potential for someone walking in on them.

Overall, despite the benefits, tanning nude is not really an option for most, especially those who already find it difficult to get privacy.

Tanning Too Quickly

While the ability to get an even tan in a faster period may be a benefit to most, this may be a disadvantage for those who enjoy spending some hours lounging in the sun.

Although scientists have not exactly determined why this is the case, many people will attest to the fact that they tan far faster when nude than when dressed (even in minimal clothing).

Some believe this is due to the fact that your clothing will draw the UV rays away or absorb some of the rays. Regardless of why you tan more quickly, it is certainly something to be aware of whether you are tanning naked for the first time or for the hundredth time.

Furthermore, many tanners believe that their skin is more likely to sunburn when they tan nude, meaning your tanning sessions have to be short to avoid pain for the next few days. Be aware that UV rays can be extremely harmful and brutal on your bare skin and always tan in moderation.

Indoor vs Outdoor Tanning

Nude Tanning Indoors Advantages

Easily Accessible

As mentioned above, the most obvious benefit to indoor nude tanning is that it is easily accessible, since almost every city has tanning salons. Although you may have a personal backyard or a secret spot in nature where people rarely travel, there is still a good chance that you will feel on edge, worrying if someone can see you.

Not Dependent on Weather or Climate

Another benefit to indoor tanning is that you do not have to depend on the temperature or weather outdoors to tan. If you live in a country with winters, you can always tan indoors while waiting for the hot summer sun to come back out.

Also, this means that you can tan any time of day, which is great for those who work during the day and only have free time for tanning at night (when outdoor tanning is just not possible).

Expertise from Tanning Professionals

Furthermore. tanning indoors has been perfected to somewhat of exact science, as long as you know what you are going for and you go to a reputable place. Most indoor tanning salon employees are tanning professionals who know exactly how to get you the tan you are going for, without sunburns.

Since tanning has been perfected to an exact science, specialists have calculated times figured out to determine how long you should spend in tanning beds to get the tan you desire. This means you do not have to overthink your tanning process, as compared to when you’re tanning by yourself.

Nude Tanning Indoors Disadvantages

Despite all of this, there are some negatives to indoor tanning. The first downside to indoor tanning is that you have to trust the tanning specialist at your local salon as you are following their guidelines. Unfortunately, there’s always the chance that their guidelines may not be beneficial or up to code.

The second and more important disadvantage to indoor tanning is that it can lead to some risks, which range from mild appearance risks like sunburns or photoaging to extreme health risks like skin cancer and more. These can be mostly avoided with an educated, qualified tanning specialist, so ensure that you do your research before tanning at any indoor salon.

Nude Tanning Outdoors Advantages

Similar to tanning indoors, tanning outdoors presents many of its own unique advantages and disadvantages, which must be taken into account when determining which tanning method you want to go for.


One of the top benefits to tanning outdoors is the cost. If you have found the perfect outdoor spot to tan, chances are, it’s absolutely free.

Although tanning indoors is not necessarily expensive, especially in comparison to other cosmetic procedures, it is still a cost that can add up with time.

Lack of Professional Advice

When you tan indoors at a tanning salon, they go by specific calculated times to advise you on how long you should be tanning. Outdoor tanning means you need to calculate the tanning times yourself.

This may be a benefit to those who do not want to depend on a tanning specialist or who enjoy the relaxing component of chilling out in the sun, which is taken away during an indoor tan.

Relaxing Outdoors

One enticing benefit of outdoor tanning is simply the beauty of being able to tan outdoors. Whether you are lying in the backyard, on a beach, by a pool or wherever else you have available to you, tanning outdoors is one of life’s great relaxing pleasures while soaking up the rays of the sun.

Some people simply prefer tanning outdoors in nature rather than laying in a machine which can sometimes feel claustrophobic.

Natural UV Rays

With outdoor tanning, you’re using natural UV rays outdoors to tan, rather than artificial ones that you use indoors. Because of this, you may require multiple sessions to get your ideal tan, and you have to wear sunblock to avoid burning. However, there are not as many health concerns related to outdoor tanning as there are with indoor tanning.

Nude Tanning Outdoors Disadvantages

Most people would rather tan in the nude outdoors since it is free, safe (as long as you are protecting yourself and tanning carefully), and natural. However, it is simply not an option for everyone.

The most common options for tanning nude are nude beaches and private land, whether it be your backyard or property. This is often not an available option for those who live in apartments.

Besides simply finding a spot to lay down in, you’d also have to ensure that there’s enough sunlight reaching you to give you an effective tan. Since there are many more variables that are out of your control, getting an effective tan outdoors might be more challenging than tanning indoors where you can control your own settings.

When you’re tanning outdoors, you also have to pay attention to the time since there’s no tanning salon professional managing your tanning session for you. Not setting a timer can be disastrous if you unintentionally spend too many hours in the sun. Many outdoor tanning novices make this mistake because they might not feel too hot and forget that there are still UV rays hitting their skin, regardless of how hot they feel.

Nude Tanning Tips and Safety Measures

1. When tanning outdoors, pick your location carefully, even your backyard may not be entirely private so ensure you find a truly private location or you properly position objects to block any prying eyes.

2. When tanning indoors, choose your tanning salon carefully. Not all tanning specialists are truly experts and not salons are up to code. Do your research and take your time selecting a tanning salon, because your health is at stake.

3. Whether you are tanning indoors or outdoors, it is imperative that you equip yourself properly. When outdoors, be sure to wear sunblock, even if you are already “used to the sun” after a summer. When indoors, make sure you use eye protection. Before and after both indoor and outdoor tanning, it is best to apply some form of tanned moisturizer. Do some research about which lotions are best for tanning and more specifically your skin type.

4. Always remember not to overdo your tanning. Even in cool weather, you can still get sunburnt from the UV rays that you didn’t think were hitting your skin.

Ease into the tanning process slowly. Ideally, you should cover the parts of your body that have not been exposed much to UV rays first (with underwear or a swimsuit). Then, slowly allow these areas to be exposed to the sun for long periods of time. This allows your sensitive areas to gradually build melanin production and prevents serious sunburns.


Although tanning in the nude may sound inappropriate to those not familiar with tanning culture, nude tanning is a widely used technique that offers many of its own unique benefits. You get to tan comfortably without your clothes trapping heat and you get to say goodbye to unsightly tan lines.

Whether you tan in the nude indoors and outdoors, do it moderately and in a safe manner and enjoy soaking in the rays while achieving an even glow all over your body.

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