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27 Best Tanning Lotions with Bronzer: Reviews & Buying Guide

by  Doris Harris -  Last Updated On 31st December 2020
Best Tanning Lotions with Bronzer

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You’re envious of people with rich, dark tans.

You’re wondering if it’s natural, or if there’s some trick that will give you the same gorgeous color.

What you need is one of the best tanning lotions with bronzer.

Some bronzers give you instant color. Others take a few hours to darken your skin.

Either way, they deepen the tone you can achieve in a tanning bed or out by the pool.

Let us take a look at the best tanning lotion with bronzers.


Quick Comparison

If you don’t have time to read the complete article, here are our top picks.

Top Tanning Lotions with Bronzer In 2021

1. Millennium Tanning Products: Solid Black Dark Tanning Lotion

The Solid Black lotion is one of the most popular options available.

It’s based on silicone which seals in moisture into your skin so that you don’t get dehydrated while tanning. Plus, it won’t feel sticky or greasy.

The 100x bronzers include DHA, walnut seed, tyrosine, riboflavin, carrot, and banana fruit extract. They give you a touch of color right away. But over the next few hours, you’ll go even darker.

Moreover, these tanning lotions are packed with moisturizers like hemp seed oil and anti-aging ingredients like green tea.

2. Australian Gold, CHEEKY BROWN Accelerator Dark Natural Bronzers

The Cheeky Brown Accelerator smells like a vacation with its Cocoa Dreams fragrance.

Once you apply it, instant bronzers like henna take away the shame of stepping out in your swimsuit.

Furthermore, these tanning lotions feature moisturizers, exotic oils, and antioxidants like Vitamins A and E to protect your skin from photodamage.

3. Tan Asz U LUAU 200X Island Black Bronzer

One of the best tanning lotions for fair skin is the Luau Island Black Bronzer.

Although it has 200x bronzing power, it starts subtly. Most users say that it doesn’t make them look unnaturally dark.

Also important, these tanning lotions don’t have parabens or DHA. That’s good news if you have sensitive skin.

4. Millennium Tanning Paint It Black 50X

The Paint It Black lotion is another silicone emulsion that never feels tacky or oily. It leaves skin velvety smooth and soft.

The Clean Cotton Blossom fragrance appeals to pretty much everyone and disguises the after tanning odor.

Some of the tanning lotions with bronzers to note are caramel, banana, and black walnut, plus melanin, tyrosine, and DHA.

5. Ed Hardy Sorry Not Sorry, Extreme 50X Black Bronzer

If you feel like you’ve reached a plateau in tanning, try the Sorry Not Sorry Black Bronzer. It contains a high amount of DHA to deepen your color in a few hours dramatically.

Also, there are cosmetic bronzers to darken skin tone instantly.

Happily, these tanning lotions also condition the skin with hemp seed, Macadamia nut, and almond oil, plus aloe, cucumber, and avocado.

6. Supre Smoke Black Bronzer Tanning Lotion

Have you ever heard of Unipertan? It’s a blend of tan accelerators like riboflavin and tyrosine that boost pigment production (3).

The Smoke Black lotion utilizes Unipertan as well as an Oxygen Regenerating System with antioxidants to prevent wrinkles.

Fortunately, the bronzers in the formula won’t wash off in the shower. They last for about a week.

7. Australian Gold Sinfully Black 15x Deep Dark Bronzing Tanning Lotion

Another top tanning lotion for users with fair skin is Sinfully Black with 15x bronzers. You’ll notice that it has a slight green tint right out of the bottle. This reduces redness and prevents orange streaks.

These tanning lotions have a blend of instant bronzers like caramel and walnut shell extract. At the same time, vitamins and plant oils nourish and protect the skin.

8. Devoted Creations WOKE UP LIKE THIS Bronzing Lotion

From the moment you smooth on the Woke Up Like This tanning lotion, DHA begins to interact with your skin cells. If you can wait for a few hours before you shower, it will give you a natural-looking bronze.

There are other benefits like beauty-enhancing technology from IdealLift, RevitaFit, and BodyFit blends. These firm the skin and correct imperfections. You’ll make everyone envious because they’ll think you woke up like that.

9. Millenium Tanning New Paint It Black

The New Paint It Black lotion has 50x auto-darkening tan technology with the power of erythrulose and tyrosine.

These tanning lotions also battle the after-tanning odor with a fresh, clean cotton blossom scent.

This type of silicone emulsion is popular with indoor tanners because it leaves the skin silky smooth, and it’s safe for sunbeds.

10. Swedish Beauty Pink Diamond Tanning Lotion

If you’ve been to a few tanning sessions and want to try something new, here’s a mild tingle lotion.

The Swedish Beauty Pink Diamond accelerates blood flow to the surface of your skin to speed up tanning.

Yes, it will make your skin turn pink. But it has instant bronzers to make you look sun-kissed right away.

11. New Sunshine Swedish Beauty Bronzer, Pink Cabana

If you have pale skin, your tanning salon may recommend the Pink Cabana lotion. It features cosmetic bronzers that won’t streak or turn orange. Instead, they turn blinding white skin into a golden-brown body.

At the same time, sweet yumberry protects against free radicals that cause lines and wrinkles. And agave nectar restores moisture.

12. Matte Black, Ultra-Sleek, No Wait Tanning Bronzer Lotion by Devoted Creations

Devoted Creations’ Matte Black has a high amount of DHA and plenty of skin conditioners like hemp seed oil, aloe, and cashmere.

But don’t worry that it’s going to make you feel greasy. It contains charcoal to mattify the skin and keep you feeling fresh and clean.

There’s also a tattoo fade protector for your body ink.

13. Caribbean Cool, Natural Bronzer, Tanning Lotion

Caribbean Cool’s lotion has Jamaican castor oil to detoxify the skin and clear up acne. It doesn’t have DHA, which causes irritation for some people.

But it does have instant bronzers which won’t streak or stain.

Delicious ingredients like coconut milk soften your skin. Plus, Advanced Matrixyl Synthe 6 tightens and tones your body.


The Hempz Dark DHA Bronzer is advertised as hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive skin. It contains oatmeal and chamomile plus hemp seed oil to calm redness and irritation.

The non-greasy formula sinks in quickly and deepens your color for several hours after you tan.


If you can handle smelling like dessert, the Brown Sugar lotion will nourish and pamper your skin.

It’s free of DHA and parabens to prevent irritation.

Watch as it melts into your skin, then marvel as it leaves it incredibly smooth and soft.

The secret to its perfection is a triple coconut cocktail, double dark chocolate, and argan oil in a silicone emulsion.

16. Ed Hardy Hollywood Bronze Bronzer Tanning Lotion

Do you have trouble tanning? Or have you had a bad reaction to DHA? (It makes some people itchy.)

Then try the Hollywood Bronze lotion. It perfects your appearance with amino acids and peptides that get rid of fine lines.

Instead of DHA, it has other instant bronzers to give you a radiant glow.

17. Ed Hardy Peace & Harmony Bronzing Lotion

The Peace & Harmony lotion has MelanoBronze to increase pigment production and take you darker after only one session.

The gluten-free formula features wheat protein that tightens the skin, plus green tea and cotton to fight signs of aging.

Additionally, there are no parabens.

18. Love Queen, Super Rich Warming Black Bronzer by Ed Hardy

The Love Queen is a mild tingler. It’s considered a warming lotion that feels rather like soaking up the sun in the middle of the summer. But cucumber and aloe reduce redness.

It contains both Melactiva and MelanoBronze to accelerate tanning and stimulate melanin production.

In the interim, Advanced Matrixyl Synthe 6 and hemp seed oil firm the skin and soften it.

19. Millenium Tanning Insanely Black 60X Bronzer Accelerator Lotion

Advanced tanners enjoy the Insanely Black tingle lotion. If you’re new to tinglers, try it on a small patch of skin first. Or dilute it with a non-tingle lotion.

(Also, please don’t pick up children or pets until after you’ve showered. The tingle may transfer to their skin and cause irritation.)

The silicone emulsion makes the skin feel silky while the blackberry citrus fragrance prevents the after-tanning smell. Then, the 60x bronzers deepen your surface color and increase melanin production, too.

20. Designer Skin BombShell, 100XXBronzer

The Designer Skin BombShell provides a moderate tingle that may cause you to think you were sunburned in your session. But it provides protection for your skin with white tea extract and Coenzyme Q -10.

The 100x bronzers ensure you leave each session darker than you were before.

21. Ed Hardy Obnoxious Indoor Tanning Lotion Accelerator Bronzer

The Obnoxious lotion will turn you red, but take you blacker than you thought possible.

It’s a searing hot tingle lotion with loads of accelerators and bronzers.

Luckily, it also has lots of antioxidants and moisturizers to repair and protect your skin.

22. Rule Breaker Plateau-Busting Triple Bronzer Indoor Tanning Lotion

Haven’t we all seen someone who spent a lot of time out in the sun unprotected? Their skin is like old leather. That’s why tanning lotion is essential.

The Rule Breaker lotion is rich in superfoods like pomegranate, açai, mangosteen that prevent photodamage. A helpful dose of moisture plus antioxidants and skin-firming BodyFit keep wrinkles at bay.

There’s also a tattoo and color fade protector to keep ink bright and clear.

And finally, Melactiva, Nouritan, MelanoBronze, and the Quad Tyrosine Blend darken your color to the maximum.

23. JWOWW Natural Black Bronzer with Ink Guard

Don’t fret about tanning with tattoos if you wear JWOWW’s Natural Black Bronzer. It has Ink Guard and the Ink Drink Complex to keep tattoos safe from fading.

The same ingredients also prevent the ink from looking muddy. That’s important since the lotion contains instant bronzers.

24. Yes Way Rose Tanning Lotion Bronzer by Devoted Creations

Yes, Way Rose gives you a shimmery bronzed sheen with diamond powder and wine extract. It’s like a luxurious BB cream for your body.

Cellulite becomes less noticeable because of Electric Daisy Extract and BodyFit technology.

In addition, the formula mattifies the skin to reduce shine and protects tattoos from fading.

25. ProTan Pro Tan Beautifully Dark Bronzer Indoor Tanning Lotion

ProTan’s lotions don’t carry the hefty price tag of some top tanning lotion brands, but they perform well.

The Beautifully Dark Bronzer lotion has a four-pack of instant and extended bronzers. It’s perfect for intermediate and advanced tanners.

Some of the other ingredients include aloe, Monoi de Tahiti, sunflower, and coconut oils.

26. ProTan Incredibly Black Double Dark Bronzing Lotion

The Incredibly Black lotion has a mild 10x bronzing blend. It’s ideal for first-time tanners and those with fair skin because it won’t make them look unnatural.

It features Unipertan and melanin to accelerate tanning. Meanwhile, coconut and Monoi de Tahiti oil keep skin touchably soft.

27. New Sunshine Australian Gold Eye Candy

The Eye Candy lotion from Australian Gold tones your skin with caffeine. With shea butter, it smooths crepey areas and shrinks pores.

Next, the 15x bronzers include DHA that provides a streak-free golden color.

The most dangerous part might be the tasty strawberry and brown sugar fragrance.


Instead of waiting for your skin color to catch up with summer, use a tanning lotion with a bronzer.

The instant color makes you look like a sun god before you hit the beach.

Which is your favorite lotion with bronzer? Let us know in the comments below.


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