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18 Best Body Wash & Soap for Dry Skin: Review Guide

by  Doris Harris -  Last Updated On 12th December 2020
Best Body Wash & Soap for Dry Skin

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The worst part is the itching.

But the flaking isn’t fun, either.

It sounds like you need the best body soap for dry skin.

You’re in luck because today I’m reviewing moisturizing bath products like these.

Quick Comparison

If you don’t have time to read the complete article, here are our top picks.

Top Body Wash & Soap for Dry Skin In 2021

1. Dove Body Wash

Dove’s body wash is popular because it’s pleasant to use, it works well, and it’s cheap. It also helps that it comes in a pump top bottle.

Moreover, it’s sulfate-free and pH-balanced. It won’t upset the skin’s natural acidity, nor will it strip all the natural oil.

In other words, the body wash is kind to the skin’s living protective layer. It gets you clean without causing dehydration.

It also has a nice gender-free fragrance. We feel this is the best body wash for dry skin that will leave your skin feeling fresh.

2. Dove Fragrance-Free Body Wash, for Dry Skin

Besides the mainstream body wash, Dove also makes a special fragrance-free version.

This skin calming body wash is described as hypoallergenic as it’s been tested by dermatologists for sensitive skin.

It should be okay to use even if you have psoriasis.

When competing with “regular body washes,” this bath product is said to be ten times more nourishing.

If you check the label, you’ll see that it starts with mild cleansers. But it also has glycerin and plant oils, plus silk amino acids and panthenol. All of these fortify the skin.

3. Dove Beauty Bar

I understand that not everyone enjoys body wash. They prefer bar soap.

There are advantages of bar soap over liquid body wash. For one, it’s usually less expensive.

Second, you don’t need any additional tools like a loofah to use it. And third, it’s straightforward to transport to the gym or on vacation.

But if you have dry skin, I urge you to be cautious about which bar soap you choose. Some purport to be moisturizing, but they will leave your skin itchy and rough all the same.

One trustworthy option is Dove’s beauty bar. We feel these are the body washes for itchy skin.

t’s fragrance-free and moisturizing. It’s even mild enough to use on your face.

4. Curél Skincare Itch Defense Body Wash

Curél’s body wash meets the National Eczema Association’s criteria for the Seal of Acceptance. It’s ideal for people with eczema and atopic skin.

This skin calming body wash has no actual soap in it. In other words, there are no drying detergents that rob the skin of moisture and natural oil.

Instead, it cleanses with a rich lather. Then, it locks in hydration with jojoba and olive oil. We feel this is one of the best body washes available out there that will leave your skin feeling fresh.

If you are selective about hydrating ingredients, you should read the label all the same. That’s because it has sodium Laureth sulfate, Cocamidopropyl betaine, and parabens. Those components may be problematic for some people.

5. NIVEA Nourishing Botanical Blossom Body Wash

Save space in the shower as his body wash doubles as a shaving cream.

This hydrating body wash smells fantastic and leaves the skin silky smooth.

What makes it so nourishing? Well, the first two ingredients are water and soybean oil. That’s before you even get to the surfactants that make the lather and remove the dirt.

This hydrating body wash also has glycerin, sweet almond oil vitamin E, and other moisturizers. When there are more emollients than detergents, you know you’re holding a rich and creamy body wash. This will cleanse your skin without leaving a residue.

Happily, it’s paraben-free.

According to dermatologists, these are the body washes for itchy skin.

Just a note about Nivea’s other body washes: the men’s version is also surprisingly hydrating.

6. OGX Radiant Glow Argan Oil Of Morocco Extra Hydrating Body Wash

You don’t need sulfates to get clean. While they may be helpful for oily skin, they may strip essential lipids from dry skin, thereby aggravating the problem.

This hydrating body wash is free of sulfates and parabens. (But those with sensitive skin types need to know that it contains an artificial fragrance, dyes, and formaldehyde releasers.)

This nourishing body wash is hard to resist the creamy texture as it soothes away dryness and has a delicious scent.

The blend of silk proteins and argan oil, shea butter plus dimethicone, make the magic happen and leave skin feeling clean and healthy

7. Aveeno Skin Relief Fragrance-Free Body Wash

How do you know which Aveeno body wash is best for dry skin?

It’s a matter of personal preference, I suppose. Or if you have sensitive skin, I’d go with the fragrance-free version.

Unfortunately, artificial fragrances are linked to allergic reactions. Although an appealing scent makes bathing more pleasant, it might be worth it to forgo fragranced products for now. Let your skin heal first. It is pH-balanced to preserve the skin’s protective barrier.

As always, Aveeno bases products on oats. That’s because oats are known to calm itchiness and restore moisture.

Moreover, the first two ingredients of this body wash include water and glycerin to restore hydration immediately, it also includes shea butter. This will cleanse your skin without leaving a residue.

It also has myrrh oil, coriander, and cardamom to stimulate healing.

8. CeraVe Body Wash for Dry Skin

Is there a dermatologist-recommended body wash for dry skin? Actually, there are several.

One is made by CeraVe, and it carries the Seal of Acceptance from the National Eczema Association. It’s free of artificial fragrances and parabens.

What makes it a moisturizing soap?

To start with, it uses hyaluronic acid to help moisture absorb into the skin. This single ingredient can hold up to 1000 times its own weight in water.

Next, it has three essential ceramides that repair the skin’s barrier against dehydration and infection.

Finally, it uses emollients to prevent water loss, but it’s non-comedogenic. It won’t trigger acne and it also includes shea butter as well.

9. CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser Bar

CeraVe includes the same moisturizing benefits in this bar soap. Like the body wash, it contains ceramides and hyaluronic acid to rehydrate the skin.

Furthermore, the hydrating effects continue long after you’ve left the shower. That’s because the formula of this body cleanser has extended-release technology. It is pH-balanced to preserve the skin’s protective barrier.

Also, if you are concerned about palm oil, this soap has none.

This body cleanser doesn’t have perfumes, parabens, dyes, or other harsh ingredients.

10. O Naturals Moisturizing Organic Coconut Oil & Shea Butter Bar Soap

Do you know what it means if bar soap is triple-milled? It’s been passed through a careful straining and mixing process. It eliminates impurities and thoroughly blends natural ingredients. As a result, the soap is extra smooth and creamy.

The O Naturals bath bar is triple-milled to create the perfect lather. It’s based on nourishing plant oils and therapeutic essential oils and natural oils.

It has shea butter, which is an excellent moisturizer. Both it and coconut oil are rich in antioxidants that keep the skin young.

What’s more, the soap has a pH of 7.2, which is equivalent to healthy skin and also includes essential oils.

There are no sulfates or synthetic perfumes. The all-natural formula is vegan, too.

11. Bliss Lemon & Sage Soapy Suds Body Wash

Sometimes it’s hard to keep those eyes open in the shower, isn’t it? Try energizing yourself with a stimulating blast of lemon and sage.

This body wash doesn’t just remove dirt with an enticing lather, it also heals dry skin. It restores suppleness with aloe vera, glycerin, and guar gum. It includes shea butter for better moisturization and is suitable for dry, sensitive skin, and will leave your body refreshed without stripping or drying.

Also, it’s cruelty-free and does not have parabens, sulfates, or phthalates.

12. Hempz Triple Moisture Herbal Whipped Creme Body Wash

You might think it’s lotion until it starts to lather. This luxurious soap-free body wash foams away impurities and leaves the skin citrus-scented.

The vegan formula starts with water and canola oil to ensure your body ends up silken. This soap-free body wash has no sulfates or parabens and is suitable for an irritated skin type.

I took a closer look at the anti-aging body wash to see what makes it work so well. I discovered that it has cogon grass and apple extract to stimulate healing and is suitable for dry, sensitive skin.

Plus, it’s packed with emollients like shea butter and hemp seed oil to prevent dehydration.

13. Cetaphil Pro Soothing Wash

Be sure you grab the soothing Cetaphil body wash, and not the one that mattifies oily skin.

Similar to Aveeno’s product, it contains colloidal oatmeal. The oatmeal alleviates itchiness and increases hydration.

Users say the soap is excellent for preventing eczema flare-ups and calming flaky, dry skin.

Although it has mild surfactants to remove impurities, it starts with moisturizing ingredients like water and shea butter and is suitable for sensitive skin.

There are no parabens or perfumes in the bottle. But if you expect a lot of lather, you’ll be disappointed.

14. Puracy Natural Body Wash

Here is the best organic body wash for dry skin. This soap-free body wash comes in different natural scents like sandalwood and bergamot or citrus.

Although you’ll hear that you shouldn’t exfoliate dry skin for fear of irritating it, it sometimes helps remove the dead cells. If you remove the top dry layer, the moisturizers can work more effectively.

That’s where this nourishing body wash comes in handy. It exfoliates gently with pink Himalayan sea salt. It’s not harsh at all. In fact, you may not notice the exfoliation as the body wash creates a lot of fluffy lather. It also has essential vitamins and minerals.

This soap-free body wash uses coco glycinate to cleanse the skin. It doesn’t upset or dries out the skin and is suitable for sensitive skin.

Interestingly, this is a body wash that’s mild enough to use on your face as well. It’s made from food-grade ingredients without allergens and toxins. We feel this is the best moisturizing body wash out there that will leave your skin feeling fresh.

15. Renpure Coconut Milk & Vitamin E Body Wash

Much of Renpure’s body wash is plant-based. Plus, it has a tasty coconut scent.

Without harsh sulfates, it’s gentle to dry skin. These moisturizing body washes do not have gluten, parabens, phthalates, or propylene glycol, either. There is an artificial fragrance, however, and is suitable for an irritated skin type and also for extremely dry skin.

We feel this is the best moisturizing body wash out there and is better than the Seaweed bath co. body wash.

16. Honeyskin Body Wash with Manuka Honey

Another of the best natural body washes for dry skin includes Manuka honey. Out of all the types of honey in the world, this one is the most healing. It’s naturally antibacterial and anti-inflammatory.

The body wash protects delicate skin, and it’s suitable for the whole family.

It has a 5.5 pH, plus it’s free of drying sulfates, perfumes, parabens, and gluten.

That’s right, it’s unscented and mild enough for babies. This is the right body wash that gently removes pollution and debris from the skin without compromising its natural moisture

Instead of water, the body wash has aloe vera as its base ingredient. This improves the texture naturally and is much better than the daily moisturizing body wash.

Then, it has Cehami from Australia. This single ingredient lessens itchiness and can help heal sunburn and is better than the Seaweed bath co. body wash.

17. Bioderma Atoderm Intensive Ultra Rich Foaming Gel

What is the best body wash for sensitive dry skin?

There are several contenders for this shower gel, including this product, from Bioderma. This is the right body wash that is designed for atopic skin.

What’s interesting is that it has purifying ingredients like zinc sulfate. The zinc prevents microorganisms from causing infection and discomfort.

18. Bioderma – Atoderm – Shower Oil

Bioderma also offers a cleansing oil for use in the shower. It’s not going to strip your skin dry, although it might make the bathtub a little slippery.

For up to 24 hours after you wash with it, it keeps your skin hydrated and smooth. The hydrating effect comes from the way plant-based bio lipids and vitamins keep moisture inside.

Anyone in the family can use it as it’s non-comedogenic and free of parabens and dyes.

Which is better for dry skin: body wash or soap?

It doesn’t matter if you use soap or body wash if the ingredients steal moisture from the skin.

But soap is typically worse for dry skin than body wash.

That’s because soap tends to have an alkaline pH. It lowers the natural acidity of the skin, making it vulnerable. Then, the damaged lipids don’t hold in moisture as they should.

Think about dish soap. On purpose, it strips oil from plates and pots. But would you really want to take a bath with it?

Fortunately, not all bath soaps are that harsh. I’ll describe a few moisturizing bar soaps below. It also has essential vitamins and minerals.

In the meantime, if you have dry skin, it’s better to use body wash.

How to heal dry skin with the best body wash?

Look for a body wash with humectants like glycerin and hyaluronic acid. These draw water into the skin.

Also, you’ll want emollients like shea butter, natural oils and plant oils. They seal in moisture.

You won’t need a lot of lather or a delicious fragrance to get clean. In fact, artificial fragrances may irritate sensitive skin.

To help very dry skin recover, start with a fragrance-free body wash. Use lukewarm water to avoid drying out the body further, then pat dry with a soft towel. Keep in mind not to use hot water as it draws moisture from the skin.

It’s okay if your skin is a little damp because you need to apply lotion right away to keep the water in your skin. (But be sure to let yourself dry thoroughly after moisturizing to prevent skin infections.)


Fix your dry skin, starting with the way you bathe.

If you use a moisturizing body wash or bar soap, you’ll feel better instantly.

It’s an inexpensive way to get more comfortable in your own skin.

I hope I helped you find your new favorite bath product today. If so, please come back and tell us about your experience with it.


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